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This agency was created in memory and honor of Rocco, aka "Rocky Dog". As a teacher of blind children, Dixie found an ad on the internet stating, "Blind Dog Needs Home". This began a 10 year relationship with a wonderful little Shih Tzu who was totally blind.

After coming to live with Dixie and her family, Rocco soon had his eyes removed to stop the pain of the glaucoma that had caused his blindness. A few years later, Rocco developed a seizure disorder which required daily medication to control. The seizure disorder eventually became less controllable, and Rocco began having system failures until he sadly passed away during the summer of 2006.

Rocco's death created a great void in Dixie's life. She soon began adopting other visually impaired dogs, and she began to realize very quickly that there are many blind animals who are not being adopted. These small dogs are at risk because of their disabilities. Many are young and healthy other than being blind. Some have other treatable health conditions like seizure disorders or diabetes, are deaf or hard of hearing, or have other disabilites along with blindness.

Over the course of several months, Dixie adopted three more blind small dogs. Through much discussion with her husband and friends, Dixie decided to begin a refuge agency to help the public understand that a blind dog is very capable and can stay with their original families. Now with twelve partner homes in eight states, Blind Dog Haven provides permanent homes and medical care for those that are in need.